Claire Willett

writing books and plays in portland, oregon

The official website of Portland writer Claire Willett.

"If you're at all a history buff, you really ought to read this . . . The plot keeps you moving at all times . . . For a debut novel, that's impressive. I would heartily recommend giving this one a read." 5/5 stars

--San Francisco Book Review

"One of the best debut novels I've read, and a damn fine time travel story, too . . . A fast-moving, first-rate time travel adventure with unexpected twists and surprises."

--SF Signal Book Review

An absolutely stunning debut novel, filled with time travel and a snarky heroine and a perfectly paced storyline with an absolutely logical big reveal at the end that's somehow also a complete surprise."

--KLCC 89.7, NPR for Oregonians

Washington d.c., 2112

Regina Bellows, desk agent at the Time Travel Bureau, researches timeline anomalies caused by reckless time-travelers all from the safety and comfort of her computer terminal.

When she accidentally uncovers a massive "chronomaly" in 1972, she realizes she's stumbled upon a far-reaching conspiracy to start World War III. With no one at the Bureau she can trust but her closest friends, she must go on her first field mission ever where the race is on to find the conspirators before they find her.

She’s undertrained, inexperienced, all alone, and World War III is hanging in the balance.

What could possibly go wrong?