Claire Willett

writing books and plays in portland, oregon

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The Witch of the Iron Wood

Music by Evan Lewis

Libretto by Claire Willett

Workshop Production, 2013 Fertile Ground New Play Festival


Since time immemorial, Odin and his children have ruled over the kingdom of Asgard, gifted with eternal youth by the Tree of Life. But when the Tree and its guardian fall suspiciously ill, the gods begin to grow weak as well. Desperate, they send the trickster god Loki into the shadowy Land of Giants to seek the only person powerful enough to cure a dying god – the Witch of the Iron Wood. Once Asgard’s enemy, now their only hope of rescue, the Witch captivates Loki, though the other gods doubt her motives. As the Tree’s strength fails and a forbidden romance takes root, Loki is forced to choose between loyalty to the gods and the love of an alluring but enigmatic woman who may be his downfall, or the only person who has ever truly understood him – or both. Greed, ambition, love, vengeance, faith and desire become entangled in this contemporary adaptation of a little-known slice of Norse mythology, scored by Evan Lewis with a libretto by Claire Willett.

Pictured at right:

Paul Susi as Thor, Eva Rotter-Johnson as Frig, Michael Miersma as Baldur, Beth Madsen Bradford as The Witch of the Iron Wood, and Douglas Webster as Loki